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Featuring a 7'4" semi-concert grand with an ebony satin finish. It currently sits on leg dollies for positioning convenience but it can be fitted with a studier spider dolly or casters as preferred. Kawai is one of the most famous Japanese piano builders who specialize in fine craftsmanship and a warm rich tone in their pianos of which you see and hear with the KG-6C semi-concert grand piano. Favored by conservatories and teachers around the world, Kawai has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building. The comparable new model is the 7’6” RX-7 that lists for over $75,000. It is very rare to find a semi-concert grand with such a large, warm tone! This is a phenomenal value for the serious player or for a concert hall.


Complimentary delivery. Manufactured in Japan in 1978.

Kawai KG-6C Semi Concert Grand 1030326

$21,988.00 一般價格
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