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The powerful, clear tone of the H-5P is a result of the traditional production processes that are only used by the most prestigious brands. The wet sand cast iron frame fills the entire body of the piano, enhancing tone and stability. This also makes tuning more stable. Hammer felt is cold-glued and fitted around the core of the head, another technique to improve tone.

Experience absolute precision in playing pleasure thanks to high-quality materials and refined design. 

The H5P guarantees excellent tuning and stability in action. To achieve this, it incorporates a multi-laminate ash pin block, bass agraffes, a full width wet sand cast plate and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability System. It is also highly precise thanks to its aluminium console. Its unique, dark sharps and all-wood action elements in European hornbeam give outstanding control. A soft-close fallboard and timeless design add the finishing touches

Hailun H series H-5P 096641

8 900,00$Ціна
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