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Considered to be Young Changs finest grand piano models, the G-157 is a 5'2" baby grand piano in a beautiful one of a kind custom Ebony high polish finish. This piano is in excellent condition and is ready to be delivered to a new home.


Information about the custom finish:


- Korean Mother-of-pearl inlay, Jagae (자개)

- 福 (복)  means "good fortune", "luck" (sides)

- 囍 (희) means "double happiness" (top and back)

- flowers surrounded by four petals could mean 모란꽃 Moutan Peony "wealth and fortune"

- mythical bird surrounding the 囍 character, Fenghuang (봉황) or "Asian Phoenix" which represented "peacefulness" and "comfort of living"

Young Chang G-157

12.988,00$ Precio
8.988,00$Precio de oferta
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